AI intelligent temperature measurement robot
Product Features
Medical-grade thermal imaging    
Multi-person non-contact temperature measurement
VIP voice welcome
face recognition security
Low-level accurate monitoring
High-definition advertising information
Fast mobile deployment
Cloud management records
Used for long-distance human body temperature detection 1.5m~5m
Camera + embedded motherboard + black body integrated structure
Built-in black body, automatic correction, no fear of the influence of environmental temperature changes on thermal imaging
Accurate forehead temperature algorithm measurement, filtering the effect of high temperature background
Easily connect to the cloud for data analysis
Nano atomization disinfection
4A Intelligent System
5G Internet of Things
365 Days×24H
AI human-computer interaction
Safe and efficient operation
Artificial intelligence temperature measurement and detection system
The system is equipped with automatic face recognition and capture, and can detect the thermal temperature of the forehead in milliseconds. The thermal temperature measurement accuracy is 0.2℃. At the same time, SDM70-R has an automatic temperature algorithm based on artificial intelligence technology, without on-site manual intervention. , Can accurately identify and count the number of people passing by, and quickly analyze and display the temperature of individual personnel.
It can monitor a large range of people at the same time. At the same time, it supports temperature measurement of up to 20 people, with millisecond-level response, and quickly finds the higher body temperature in the crowd, marks them in red, and transmits them to the management platform in real time.
Ultrasonic nanometer atomized disinfectant, with good dispersibility and wide coverage
The robot has a built-in 15L large-capacity disinfectant tank, uses environmentally friendly food-grade pure hypochlorous acid (HCIO) disinfectant through ultrasonic nano-level atomization, 3L/H fog volume, far exceeding the atomization level of the same level robot, silent fan blowing with large air volume , Mobile spraying, diffuse coverage of the whole space, thorough sterilization and disinfection.
4A intelligent system: automatic navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic fluid replenishment, automatic charging
The robot intelligent chassis has a completely autonomous mapping capability. During the movement, it uses the point cloud data of the SLAM lidar and the depth image information of the depth camera, plus the ultrasonic scanning obstacle avoidance module, to complete the perception of the environment and establish centimeter-level precise positioning , To realize automatic navigation and obstacle avoidance.
Through the liquid level sensing device, the disinfectant will automatically return to the "disinfectant intelligent all-in-one machine" for replenishment when the amount of disinfectant is lower than the set amount, and then navigate to the return point again to continue the unfinished disinfection procedure after filling up.
The robot is equipped with a low-power protection program, and when the power is less than 30%, it will automatically return to the charging station to replenish the power.
5G/WIFI wireless Internet of Things, real-time transmission, sending alerts
The robot has a built-in 4G/5G/WIFI module, which is remotely controlled through account passwords, encrypted real-time transmission of monitoring and feedback operating data, and those with abnormal body temperature will send warning messages to the preset management center.
365 days×24H all-around anti-epidemic and disinfection guard
Achieve 365 days × 24 hours uninterrupted temperature measurement and disinfection planning, fixed posts and large-scale mobile thermal imaging scanning temperature measurement, epidemic prevention and screening in fixed positions and preset spaces during the day, and voice service guidance can be carried out, and the preset program path is automatically coordinated at night The automatic rehydration charging function performs 360°no dead-angle atomization spray disinfection, which solves the disadvantages of artificialfatigue and inadequacy.
AI intelligent human-computer interaction, auxiliary services
Combined with big data cloud computing, the iFLYTEK AI intelligent voice interaction system is adopted to realize auxiliary functions such as man-machine dialogue and communication, consulting services, information inquiry, reception and welcoming.
Safe and efficient operation
It has functions such as automatic obstacle avoidance, voice warning reminder, and emergency button deactivation. The separation of man and machine reduces personnel contact and effectively reduces the risk of infection. Ultra-dry atomized disinfectant, there is no residue in the disinfection process, and the disinfectant is safe to contact with the body surface. The low-voltage design of the whole machine meets the requirements of relevant safety inspection centers.
Product parameter
Whole machine structure
length 525mm
width 525mm
high 1400mm
Universal wheel 3.9in
Driving wheel 85in Rubber wheel
Turning radius NO
material Steel
weight 40kg
Optimal weight 30kg
Maximum load 70kg
Sports mode (optional) Push mode or independent automatic walking mode
Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Ultrasonic module*5
IMU Onboard: with MEMS gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer
Lidar EAI G4*2
Visible Camera
Resolution 1920*1080(2 M>illion Pixels)
Imaging Device 1/2.7inch CMOS
Minimum Illuminance0.01 Lu(Color Mode),0.001Lux(Black and White Mode)
Signal to Noise Ratio >56dB
Resolution 1920*1080(2 M>illion Pixels)
Temperature Measurement
Detector type Uncooled infrared array sensor
Resolution 160X120(384*288)
Pixel Pitch 17μm
NETD ≤60mk(F/1,300K, 50Hz)
Frame Rate 15 Hz
Temperature Measurement Data Output Full Range Temperature Output
People Per Second 200 people in one minute
Detector Type Uncoiled Infrared Array Sensor
Resolution 160X120(384*288)
DC 5.5V  3A
Black body
Effective radiation area 20mm*30mm
Effective emissivity 0.96 ±0.02
temperature range (Ambient temperature+5°C)~(50°C)
Temperature resolution 0.01°C
Temperature stability >±0.1°C/60min
Heating time <2 minute
Battery and endurance
Battery Type Power lithium battery
battery capacity 30Ah/24V
Charging time 4.5Hour
Charging voltage 29.4V
Current 10A
Protective function Support over current, over discharge, short circuit protection
Standby power consumption <25W
No load battery life 10Hour
Charging pile
Automatic recharge suppor
Direct charge suppor
Motor type Brushless DC Hub Motor
Nominal power 250w
Encoder resolution 4096
working environment
Charging temperature 0~45℃
Discharge temperature -10~60℃
Working humidity 30%~70%
power supply 14V、12V
Hardware interface LAN、USB
Disinfection method Various disinfectant aerosol and ultraviolet and plasmon
Degree of disinfection Kill bacteria and viruses>99.99%
Disinfection is optional Timed, fixed point, quantitative disinfection
Disinfectionefficiency 1000m³ disinfection can be completed in 15 minutes at the fastest
Spray particle size ≤10μm
Spray rate 2L/h-5L/h
Disinfection level Efficient disinfection, up to 6-log level
Liquid volume 15L
Solution filling
Auto-fill suppor
Automatic solution generation suppor
Sports performance
Maximum movement speed 1.0m/s
Maximum obstacle height 20mm
Maximum ridge width 40mm
Maximum climbing angle 10°
Mapping performance
Map resolution 2-8cm
Maximum construction area 5000㎡
communication method
communication method WiFi+4/5G

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