640*512 VOCx Thermal and 30X Zoom 1080P Visual Image Object Detecting Auto Tracking IP PTZ Camera
Thermal PTZ Camera is a product which combines thermal infrared, visible light imaging and edge calculation, and can be applied to intelligent day and night monitoring scene.

The product also supports artificial intelligence based objects detecting and tracking algorithms, which contains 4TOPs computing power. The product supports the functions of H.264/H.265 video compression, PTZ and lens control, provides SDK interfaces, and provides client application software, so as to facilitate the rapid secondary integration of customers.

The products can be used for security monitoring, ADAS, robot and UAV vision processing, and can be applied to security and industrial detection fields.

Model SVN-30T75TF20
Thermal Imager 640×512  VOCx
Thermal Bandwidth 8μm~12μm
Thermal Lens 75mm
Visual Imager 1920×1080
Visual Lens 30X motorized,4.7mm~141mm focal length
Object Detecting Moving target detection
The pedestrian, vehicle and other objects with more than 20 pixels in thermal infrared and visible light are recognized accurately based on AI algorithms
Tracking Detecting to Auto-tracking and “Point to Tracking”
Client Software SDK and client software
PTZ Pan range:360° continuous/ Tilt range: -90°~+90°
Pan speed:0.01°~60°/S /Tilt speed:0.01°~30°/S
Connections 1× Ethernet interface
1× 24V AC/DC
Power Consumption 30W max, typical
Operating Temperature -35℃~+65℃

Thermal PTZ Camera can directly control PTZ and motorized lens, and communicate with the control platform. Thermal-core can detect, recognize and track the objects in the video in real-time. Thermal-Core supports auto detecting to tracking and “Point to Tracking”(Click the object from detected ones and tracking. ).
During the tracking process, it can independently control the zoom and PTZ rotation, and send the identification, tracking and alarm information to client software.