4k30fps 10X Optical Zoom USB Live Streaming Camera

Product Features:
4K Full HD images: 3840*2160@30fps, USB3.0 Video output: YUY2 1080P60fps, HDMI Video output 1080P60fps .
Full HD images: Adopting SONY 1/2.8-inch high-quality image sensor, it presents clear and realistic HD video, vividly showing the expressions and movements of people.
Optical zoom lens: 10x optical zoom, up to 64.51° wide angle lens..
Rich video interface: Support HDMI, USB3.0 B-type interface video output;
Leading autofocus technology: The advanced focusing algorithm is used to make the lens focus quickly, accurately and stably.
Portrait and horizontal screens: Support horizontal and vertical screen installation mode to better meet the playback needs of customers for horizontal and vertical screens.
Professional graphic style: It can well support beauty and jewelry style live broadcast, and adjust the best image effect for the live broadcast scene.
Multiple video compression standards: The interface supports YUY2, MJPG, H264, and video compression formats.
Low noise and high signal-to-noise ratio: The low-noise CMOS effectively ensures the ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio of the camera video; Advanced 2D and 3D noise reduction technology is used to further reduce noise while ensuring image clarity.
Easy to use: No need to download the driver, connect 12V power to the webcam, USB output plug and play, with a convenient and simple user experience;
Built-in camera menu: you can adjust various parameters according to the environment, for example, white balance, aperture, shutter, RBG, etc.

Technical parameters:
  Parameters/models SN43-10XU3  
  Camera, lens parameters  
  Image sensor 1/2.8 sensor  
  Effective pixels 8MP; 3840*2160  
  Video signal 4K output supports video formats: MJPG 4K 3840*2160@30fps, YUY2 4K3840*2160@20fps
USB3.0 output supports video formats: YUY2 1920*1080@60fps, MJPG 1920*1080@60fps
HDMI output supports video formats: 1080I@60fps, 1080I@50fps, 1080P@30fps, 1080P@25fps, 720P@60fps, 720@50fps
  Video Support Formats MJPG, YUY2, H264, NV12  
  Visual angle Horizontal viewing angle 8.03°~64.51°(10x optical zoom)  
  Focal length 5.76~46.09mm  
  Aperture F1.8~F2.6  
  Optical zoom 10X  
  Minimum illumination 0.1Lux(F1.8, AGC ON)  
  Digital noise reduction 2D & 3D digital noise reduction  
  Super Auto Noise Reduction On/Off  
  White balance Auto/manual/one-touch white balance /3000K/3500K/4000K/4500K/5000K/5500K/6000K/6500K/7000K  
  Focus Auto/manual/one-key focus;  
  Exposure Automatic/Manual  
  BLC On/off  
  Signal-to-noise ratio >50dB  
  Vertical screen switch On/off  
  Minimum object distance 30cm(Wide)~150cm(Narrow)  
  Interface functional performance
  Video output interface 1 USB3.0 interface: A-port, support YUY2 60fps video output, Adaptive
1 HDMI interface: support video output
  Control Interface USB, HDMI
Other parameters
Voltage 12V
Current 0.425
Storage temperature -10℃~+60℃
Storage humidity 20%~90%
Operating temperature -10℃~+50℃
Operating humidity 20%~80%
Dimensions (WxHxD) 680mm×138mm×750mm
Weight 0.6kg
Usage environment indoors
Annex Instruction manual, warranty card, USB 3.0 cable, power adapter, wireless remote control

Use of remote control

After the camera starts normally, the default device number is A, at this time, press A on the remote control to select the device you need to control, and you can use the remote control to control the camera. The factory's cameras and remote controls are all A by default, and all remote controls and cameras can be controlled. If a remote control wants to control multiple cameras, you need to set the remote control address of the camera in the device menu (there are ABCD) four addresses.

Introduction to the keys

1. Return key
Press the return button to return to the camera lens to the maximum angular position or to return to the previous menu
2. Equipment selection (ABCD)
Select the equipment you need to control, this remote control can control four devices, divided into ABCD; When switching the device you want to control, you need to first select the device number you want to control
3. Number keys
Call preset 0-9;
4. Zoom + Zoom-
Press the zoom+, zoom-button to adjust the zoom and zoom of the camera's focal length;
5. Focus+, Focus-
Press the Focus +, Focus- keys to manually focus the camera
6. Direction control button (U, D, L, R)
Control the camera's menu mode controls the movement of the menu up, down, left and right
7. Menu/confirmation button: enter the menu, confirm the option or enter the next level menu;
8. F1~F4 keys: special function keys
Press F4 to switch automatic/manual focus
9. Add and delete keys
Set the preset position: After adjusting the camera to the corresponding position, press the set preset (add + number key (0-9) to set the preset position of the corresponding number key;
Preset position cancellation: clear the preset position, press delete + number key (0-9) to cancel the preset position of the corresponding number key;

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