1080P Visible+ 640*215 Thermal 65X Zoom Multi-Spectral Target Recognition Tracking Servo Load IP PTZ Camera

Key Features
  1. Ultra-long focal length variable focus, optical Defog, uncooled thermal imaging, long-range target imaging;
  2. Target classification detection, identification, automatic search, locking and tracking of heat sources and other targets within the full screen of the frame;
  3. Image coding, intelligent computing is completed simultaneously, more than 80 kinds of high-efficiency target classification and recognition, percentage judgment;
  4. High-efficiency detection, low-latency tracking control, target imaging to tracking algorithms can be completed in less than 80 milliseconds;
  5. High-speed, high-precision direct-drive servo control system, accurate geodetic coordinates (latitude and longitude height) position reporting;
  6. Special servo system, maximum -90-90° vertical range, flat-top design, can be loaded with a variety of equipment with the same machine, synchronous operation;
  7. Stand-alone support for latitude and longitude coordinate transformation, third-party data forwarding and other high-level application systems, to achieve synergy with third-party systems;
  8. Can be equipped with: laser ranging, BeiDou GPS, gyroscope anti-shake, angle deflection;
  9. Access to: third-party radar, radio detection systems, enemy identification systems, level signals or protocol alarm signals;
  10. Industry applications for typical targets such as 1-6KM low, small and slow targets in the air;
  11. To-air 1-25KM large aircraft target detection, 1-15KM aircraft landing gear target identification
Technical parameters
Model No. SVN-9612-U1V65-6
Visible Image
Image resolution 1920*1080 @25fps
Lens focal length F12.3-800mm (65X optical continuous zoom)
Image Mode Color, black & white, optical Defog
Image Adjustment White balance, exposure compensation, wide dynamic, gain control, 3D noise reduction
Video parameters Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation
Focus mode Automatic / Manual
Daytime Performance Indicators 1. Reference target: civil aviation airliner
Detection distance: 25KM; tracking distance: 20KM; identification distance: 15KM
2.Reference target: UAV 0.35m*0.35m
Detection distance: 6KM; Tracking distance: 5KM; Recognition distance: 4.5KM
(Working conditions: ambient temperature: 20ºC, visibility: 20Km, relative humidity: <40%)
Thermal image
Detector type Uncooled
Image resolution 640*512; image encoding resolution: 1280*1024
Lens focal length F30-150mm
Image Mode Thermal black, Thermal white, Pseudo-color
Video parameters Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation
Night performance indicators 1. Reference target: civil aviation airliner
Detection distance: 18KM; tracking distance: 15KM; identification distance: ≥12KM
2.Reference target: UAV 0.35m*0.35m
Detection distance: 1.8KM; Tracking distance: 1.5KM; Recognition distance: 1.2KM
(Working conditions: ambient temperature: 20ºC, visibility: 20Km, relative humidity: <40%)
Servo turntable
Turntable Type Servo-direct drive , PID feedback
Horizontal range, speed 0°~360° horizontal keying speed: 0.05°~80°/s
Vertical range, speed -45°~+70°(-90°~90°optional) vertical keying speed: 0.05°~60°/s
Angular deflection correction Electronic compensation
Preset Bit Stop Accuracy ±0.01°
PTZ Functions 3D control, watchdog position, auto cruise, fancy scanning, telephoto speed limit
Intelligent Applications
Automated searches Full-screen motion target search, hot target tracking search
Bootstrap model Can receive radar, spectrum, TDOA, ADS-B; multi-point photoelectric positioning guidance
Tracking mode Specific target recognition tracking, moving target tracking, guided tracking, manual tracking
Target identification Support more than 80 kinds of classification targets such as drones, people, cars, boats, etc. classification and recognition, similarity judgment, etc.
Early warning linkage Alarm protocol upload, capture, preset position linkage
Image and system
video compression format H.256 / H.264 / MJPEG (image capture only)
Video protocol ONVIF, GB T-28181, RTSP
Network protocol IPv4, TCP/IP, UDP, etc.
Network function System remote upgrade, virtual dual IP address
Diagnostic monitoring IP conflict detection, heartbeat detection, logging
Interfaces Standard Circular Connector interface (including: DC24V power supply, 10M/100M adaptive network interface)
Protection class IP66
Operating Temperature/Humidity -35ºC~+60ºC, humidity <90%
Power supply & power consumption Standard special power supply AC220V / DC48V; 240W (max);
Optional load equipment power consumption is calculated separately
Size 672mm(W) ×445(L)×780mm(H)
Weight (net) 80Kg